Solution) NR524 Week 6: Curriculum Plan and Course Syllabus (Graded)

Please use the template provided in the Guidelines and Rubric to submit the Curriculum Plan. Review the Curriculum Plan you have been working on for the past two weeks in the peer collaboration area and make any final changes before submitting the paper at the end of Week 6. Please see the assignment guidelines for full instructions on completing the assignment.


Pre-Licensure Curriculum and Syllabus Guidelines (Links to an external site.)


 (Links to an external site.)Associate Degree Curriculum and Syllabus Guidelines (Links to an external site.)


Hospital Orientation Requirements (Links to an external site.)



The purpose of this assignment is to (a) develop a curriculum plan and course syllabus and (b) demonstrate skills in the development and articulation of ideas in a scholarly manner.

Total Points Possible: 230

Course Outcomes

CO 1: Design curricular components based upon knowledge and concepts from education and related disciplines to achieve quality health outcomes (care-focused). (PO 2)

CO 2: Demonstrate critical understanding of curriculum processes that benefit diverse learners (cultural humility). (PO 3)

CO 4: Develop curriculum that reflects current trends, addresses community and societal needs, and prepares graduates for practice in a complex, dynamic healthcare environment (care-focused). (PO 2)


Assignment Criteria for the Paper

  1. Curriculum Plan reflects original work of the student.
  2. Curriculum Plan reflects the requirements of the State Board of Nursing (academic) or a professional organization (hospital).
  3. The syllabus includes all the required elements.
  4. Use of the template provided is required for the assignment.
  5. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing and APA format as expressed in the current edition


Curriculum Plan

               Academic Nurse Educators: School of Nursing


Use the table below to develop the Curriculum Plan for the pre-licensure Baccalaureate program. Include all general education courses, science courses, and nursing courses. Identify the course by the prefix, number, and name of the course. Include the total credit hours for the course and then the breakdown of hours by theory (T), clinical (C), and laboratory (L).  For example: NUR101 Fundamentals of Nursing, 6 credits (3T, 1L, 2C).


Academic Nurse Educators:  Base your courses on the requirements from either the Florida State Board of Nursing:  OR the California State Board of Nursing:  § 1426. Required Curriculum. 16 CA ADC § 1426 BARCLAYS OFFICIAL CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS.


Indicate the state you have chosen on the template.

Reminder: Baccalaureate Degree Program = 120 credits


Curriculum Plan—Baccalaureate Program Template

(Add additional lines, columns to the template as needed for your program)


Course Requirements from State of ______Florida______________(please include name of the state)
Prerequisites (if required; list by course number and name):

CHM 1032 (3) General Chemistry or other approved physical or life science

MCB 2004C (4) Microbiology with lab

ZOO 3733C (4) Human Anatomy

PCB 3703C (4) Human Physiology

PSY 2012 (3) General Psychology or SYG 2000 (3) General Sociology

STA 2014 (3) or STA 2023 (3) Principles of Statistics

DEP 2004 (3) Developmental Psychology

HUN 3011 (3) Human Nutrition

First Year First Semester Second Semester
MAC 1105- 4 credits ENC 1102 – 4 credits
ENC 1101 – 3 credits STA 2023- 3 credits
HIS 4150– 4 credits PSY 2012 4- credits
SYG 1000- 3 credits theory, 1 credit laboratory BSC 2010- 4 credits
Total Credits = 15 credits Total Credits =  15 credits Total Credits for Year = 30
Second Year First Semester Second Semester  
BSC 2085- 3 credits theory , 2 credits laboratory BSC 2086- 4 credits theory, 2 credit lab
FAD 3220- 5 credits MCB 2004- 4 credits theory, 2 credit lab

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