(Solution) amp 450v Week 2 discussion 1

In the assigned article, “Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care”(https://www.nationalahec.org/pdfs/VSRT-Team-Based-Care-Principles-Values.pdf )

 the authors state that “the incorporation of multiple perspectives in health care offers the benefit of diverse knowledge and experience; however, in practice, shared responsibility without high-quality teamwork can be fraught with peril.” Describe the perils that the authors say lead to uncoordinated care and unnecessary waste and cost. How do communication and interdisciplinary collaboration prevent adverse events?


According to Mitchell, Wynia, and Golden (2015), there are numerous dangers that often result to uncoordinated patient care as well as superfluous waste and cost which include but not limited to handoffs and lack of team purpose. In regards to handoffs, this is a situation in which a care provider transfers to another clinician the primary responsibilities and critical information for hospitalized patients. In many cases, handoffs result to avoidable near misses and inauspicious events following communication insufficiency and inefficiency amongst the clinicians. Ineffective handoffs advance gulfs in patient care delivery, breaches or failures in patient care such as wrong site surgery, medication errors or even patient deaths. In light of team purpose, lack of team purpose following poor collaborations and communication often result to the…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5