(Solution) amp 450v Week 3 discussion 1

Find an organization related to your health care discipline and identify the mission and vision statement. Based on your experiences as a member of the health care team, explain how the values of the organization are or are not reflected in these statements.


The organization related to my health care discipline is Susan G Komen. The organizational mission is “to save lives through ensuring satisfaction of their community’s needs, empowering others, providing quality care and investing in breakthrough study to prevent, and permanently cure breast cancer.” Their mission on the other hand is a world with no cancer existence. The healthcare I currently work in, The Cancer Care of America provides support to Susan G. Komen through donations and sharing experiences with cancer patients. I have visited Susan G. Komen website severally in the endeavor to acquire more savvy in light of breast cancer. Based on my experience in health care, it is in my opinion that the organization’s values are in consensus with both mission and vision statements. Susan G. Komen foundation has made tremendous steps in….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5