(Solution) amp 450v Week 4 Discussion 2

How can a crisis situation make collaboration and trust stronger in a group? Why does this happen? How can staff development improve rapport among colleagues and build trust across departments?


As defined by Cheng, Yin, Azadegan, and Kolfschoten (2016), collaboration entails teamwork, cohesion and trust among different individuals or organizations to develop and deliver something in oneness through joint resources, efforts, share ownership and decision. In collaborations, crisis, conflicts and emergency situations are inevitable as different individuals hold diverse perspectives. Kucharska and Kowalczyk (2016) state that crises strengthen group trust and collaboration when effectively addressed. This is based on the fact that crisis is characterized by urgency, complexity and uncertainty which renders it paramount for all participating individuals to have a tough, fast and productive decision making for crisis resolution. The crisis provides the decision making participants to pin-point relevant opportunities and challenges for practice. Achieving an effective resolution to a crisis proves to the team members the need to work in…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5