(Solution) Assignment Family Assessment Part II

Family-Centered Health Promotion

In the realm of the dynamic healthcare system in the country, healthcare practitioners and policymakers are increasingly considering the social determinants of health (SDOH) as fundamental components of the realization of value-based care.  Taylor et al. (2016) describe social determinants of health as the conditions, in which people are born, live, grow, work and age. As such, these conditions typically influence the individual as well as group differences in regards to health status. According to Thornton et al. (2016), the five main social determinants of health are economic stability, education, social and community context, health and health care, and neighborhood and built environment.  On this basis, this paper seeks to explore the social determinants of health on the family interviewed.  The paper also explores the health model that would support the health concerns of the family best and the strategies that can be devised in order to promote the health status of the family

SDOH Impact on Family Health Status

There exists a wide range of social determinants of health that affects the interviewed family.  To start with, given that the mother and father do not have stable jobs, their income is low to a huge extent.  Therefore, they can only afford basic needs. This explains why they do not have insurance plans in place and do not have medical check-ups. Although the family has not had any significance incidence related to health, it is a fact that such an incidence would have a detrimental impact on the financial wellbeing of the family.  In terms of education, both parents have received A-level education, and thus they can be considered literate. The father is able to understand that snacks are unhealthy especially when taken in large amounts as they lead to diabetes as well as other related conditions.  The family lives in Section 8 of New York City. Although the housing is affordable to the family, the house is not in good condition. This may….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10