(Solution) Attitudes of Malaysian teachers toward a performance-appraisal system

1. Evaluate the findings of the authors in regards to the attitudes of teachers of different ethnic origins in Malaysia towards an outcome-oriented performance appraisal.

2. Analyze the relationship between teachers’ attitudes toward the system and their job satisfaction and professional commitment.

3. Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.


As depicted by Daley (2012), performance appraisal usually takes into consideration a method by which the performance of an employee is evaluated and documented.  Performance appraisals are usually key components of career development, and they typically consist of regular reviews of performance of employees with an organization.  Effective performance appraisal systems need to take into consideration the nature of the organization. In light of this, this paper evaluates the findings of the author regarding the various attitudes of Malaysian teachers towards a performance appraisal system.  This particular study investigated the attitudes of teachers of various ethnic origins in Malaysian toward the New Performance Appraisal System (NPAS). Additionally, the study considered investigating the relationship between the attitudes of different teachers toward the system and their professional commitment as well as job satisfaction.  In this regard, teacher of the main ethnic origins in the country including Malays, Indians, and Chinese were randomly selected from six public high schools in the Kedah state.

The new appraisal system involved direct interaction between the subordinate and their seniors during goal setting sessions. Through this system, it was believed that it could promote the productivity of teachers to a considerable extent. This is due to fact that the nee appraisal system could promote the understanding of the teachers regarding the organizational goals as well as objectives.  Therefore, in effect teachers could be in a position of regulating and focusing on their work.  As for the management, they system could effectively help in gaining useful feedbacks as well as information from the subordinates, which is fundamental when it comes to….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $15