(Solution) Contemporary Nursing Practice

The field of nursing has changed over time. In a 750-1,000 word paper, discuss nursing practice today by addressing the following:

  1. Explain how nursing practice has changed over time and how this evolution has changed the scope of practice and the approach to treating the individual.
  2. Compare and contrast the differentiated practice competencies between an associate and baccalaureate education in nursing. Explain how scope of practice changes between an associate and baccalaureate nurse.
  3. Identify a patient care situation and describe how nursing care, or approaches to decision-making, differ between the BSN-prepared nurse and the ADN nurse.
  4. Discuss the significance of applying evidence-based practice to nursing care and explain how the academic preparation of the RN-BSN nurse supports its application.
  1. Discuss how nurses today communicate and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and how this supports safer and more effective patient outcomes.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required


Dynamics in Nursing

Nursing is regarded as one of the most prominent professions in the United States.  Nurses  play a pivotal role in helping patients in coping with their illnesses.  Nurses work in a dynamic environment for the purpose of providing the best possible care to the patients (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).  This explains why nursing competence is critical in ensuring that the needs of the patients are met. Taking this into consideration, firstly, this paper seeks to explore how the nursing profession has changed over time. Secondly, it explores the differences between ADN and BSN nurses in terms of competence and decision-making.  Thirdly, the paper discusses the significance of applying evidence-based practice in nursing. Lastly, this essay examines how nurses today communicate and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams in supporting safer and more effective patient outcomes.

The nursing practice has witnessed a substantial transformation over time, which has hugely changed the scope of practice. Specifically, when nursing began, the professional had little to do with formal medical training. However, currently, there exists a plethora of nursing programs that equip nurses with knowledge and skills needed in enhancing efficient care (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).  The responsibilities of nurses have also changed significantly over time. Conventionally, the nursing profession has been equated to the household chore list. However, the last couple of years have seen these responsibilities shift to include defined roles.  In support of this, Grove and Gray (2018) have explained that nurses have now a specific yet diverse role in the healthcare sector including emergencies independently and health leadership.  Nursing has also transformed to overcome the long-held stereotype about…………Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10