(Solution) ENC 1101: English Composition I Assignment 3.1: Introductions

Assignment 3.1: Introductions




  • Describe different types of introductions
  • Write an effective and grammatically correct essay

Assignment Overview

In this practice exercise, you explore the appropriate type of introduction for a chosen topic..


An introductory paragraph (minimum of eight sentences)

Step 1 Select a topic.Choose one of the following social problems for this writing activity. Narrow your topic so that your essay focuses on some aspect of the problem. Plan the main points you would address in an essay on this aspect of the problem.

  • Teenage suicide
  • Violence in the schools
  • Poverty among the elderly
  • Pet overpopulation
  • Obesity
  • Internet/Cell phone addiction

Step 2 Write an introductory paragraph.In a minimum of eight sentences, write an introduction for an essay on the topic you selected in Step 1 that addresses the following:

  • Your introduction should not only make an argument for the rest of your paper to support, but it should also make the audience want to read the rest of your paper so get creative with your word choice, sentence structure, and techniques
  • Make sure you establish your topic enough so that people can understand the topic itself, and include a thesis statement.
  • Your introduction paragraph should not exceed one page, but it shouldn’t be short, either. Aim for at least eight sentences.

Step 3 Draft the body paragraphs and conclusion of the essay.Write at least three body paragraphs in support of the thesis statement in your introductory paragraph. You do not need to focus as much on polishing the rest of your essay, as you did with the introduction, but be sure to include effective evidence in support of your thesis.

Step 4 Save and submit your assignment.When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.


Assignment 3.1: Introductions

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