(Solution) Evaluate the finding that PM is one of the key success factors in strategic planning

  • Evaluate the finding that PM is one of the key success factors in strategic planning.
  • What effect do you think:
    • a) the size of the organisation and
    • b) the rate of change have on the effectiveness of performance measurement?
  • Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.


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As depicted by both Cokins (2013) and Sydor (2010) performance management usually includes a wide range of activities which ensure that goals and objectives of an organization are met in a consistent manner. Performance management can also be said to be the process by which an organization aligns its resources, systems, as well as employees to the strategic priorities and objectives of the organization.  As explained by Hope and Player (2012), performance management is regarded as one of the primary success factors in strategic planning.  In this light, the strategic plan as well as the planning process of an organization usually delivers what is required for performance management. Specifically, they define the changes required to positively impact the key indicators in an organization.  Both organizational size as well as rate of change in an organization has considerable impacts on the performance management.

The effect of organizational size on the effectiveness of performance management

The impact of organization size on the effectiveness of performance management has been an issue of debate over the last many years. For instance, various scholars across the world have indicated that large organizations usually tend to have a significantly higher level of flexibility, which makes performance management effective.  On this, they argue that the flexibility of a large organization is attributed to diversity of required resources as well as specialties. This in turn makes performance management effective.  In contrast to this, other scholars have held that small organizations usually have greater flexibility when it comes to adapting to change. This is because they can be in apposition of responding more quickly with a faster as well as faster decision-making structure. Therefore, performance management can be….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $15