(Solution) Gero 302 Week 2 Discussion

Review the readings for week 2. Answer the following questions and include citations from this week’s resources to support your answer.

What is the difference between cross-sectional research design and longitudinal research design?

Provide an example of a topic that could be studied using cross-sectional research design and a topic that could be studied using longitudinal research design.

Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


The study methodology is determined by the study design which is informed by the nature of the research question. In cross-sectional research design, it entails evaluating people that differ at a given single time. Notably, the information is gathered at the same time from individuals with similar characteristics although different with regards to the core feature of interest such as the level of income, age, or location (Stride et al., 2014). In a cross-sectional design, the participants are placed in cohorts which refers to groups based on a particular characteristic. Essential to note is that cross-sectional research designs are observational and descriptive thus cannot be used to establish the cause of a given aspect such as a disease.

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