(Solution) Gero Week 3 Discussion

Review the readings for week 3. Answer the following questions and include citations from this week’s resources to support your answer.

Describe the age-related changes and disease-related processes that occur in the cardiovascular system.

What are some ways that sensory changes associated with aging affect older adults’ health?

What are some policy implications of the aging of the population in terms of the prevalence of chronic diseases?

Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


Ageing is characterized by various chronic illnesses such as those related to the cardiovascular system. Progressive changes in the cardiovascular system involve endocardium, cardiac conduction, and myocardium (Steenman & Lande, 2017). Notably, cardiac structures degenerate with age such as elasticity loss and changes in fibrotic in the heart nerves. Structural related characteristics that describe the disease processes mainly involves the left ventricular wall contractility. Notably, the disease processes with ageing are related to the reduced pumping capacity which is associated with alterations in the function and structure of the heart’s muscle. Various parts of the heart are also affected by ageing. For instance, valvular circumference is associated with ageing while elasticity reduction occurs in the arterial vessels.

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