(Solution) Hist 410N Week 2 quiz Essay

(CO5) Explain how Italy’s experience with WWI and post-WWI conditions provide an environment for the rise of fascism. Identify the techniques Mussolini used to solidify his control of Italy and how these stood in contrast to the principles of liberal democracy.


The experience of Italy with the WWI and post-WWI conditions played a critical role in providing the country with an environment for the rise of fascism.  Taking this into considerations, Paxton (2017) asserts that the rise of Fascism in Italy typically began during the First World War. This is when Benito Mussolini, as well as other radicals, formed a political group called a fascist supporting the war against Germany and Austria-Hungary.  The first meeting of the Fasci of Revolutionary Action was held in 1915. The meeting was led by Benito Mussolini in 1920, a militant strike by industrial workers in Italy reached a peak. As such, Benito Mussolini and other Fascists leverage on this situation by collaborating with industrial business and attacking peasants and workers. This was in the name or preserving order as well as internal peace in the country.  According to Poulantzas (2019),…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5