(Solution) Hist 410N Week 7 Discussion: Brave New World

The Cold War is over. Time to do a victory lap and celebrate the primacy of American power. But the celebration seemed short-lived, as there were plenty of other concerns. Nothing is as it should be. Our adversaries are now our allies, and our allies are now competitors. The end of the Cold War knocked down the Iron Curtain, but it also destroyed conventional economic patterns. Is the end of the Cold War proving to be good for world peace, but not so good for world business?


After the end of the Cold War, the Americans were pleasantly shocked. However, they were shocked at the turn of events in the Soviet bloc. Taking this into account, no serious discourse on any diplomatic levels in the USSR addressed the likelihood of a Sovient collapse.  Most of the Republicans were quick to claim credit for winning the Cold War as they believed that the military spending policies of the Reagan-Bush administrations forced the Soviets to the brink of economic collapse (Brower & Sanders, 2014). On the other hand, democrats argued that the containment of communism was a bipartisan policy for 45 years begun by the Democrat Harry Truman.  Further, others pointed out that no one really won the Cold War. According…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5