(Solution) Math 225N Week 2: Graphing and Describing Data in Everyday Life

Consider two different data sets and then for each data set, propose your idea of what graph would best represent the key information. For each, be sure to include the type of graph along with what would be shown on each axis. The key data in the first data set is a list of all the injuries that a clinic saw in a month. The other data set has key data on the number of minutes that each patient spent in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. You can make assumptions about other information or variables that are included in each data set.


Graphical representation of data is considered pertinent owing to fact that it helps in interpreting the data. Taking this into consideration, a data set of lists of all injuries seen in a clinic in a month would be represented graphically by a pie chart. According to Peat and Barton (2008), a pie chart is a circular statistical graphic which is typically divided into slices that depict numerical proportion.  The arc length of each slice is usually proportional to the represented quantity. Given the fact that a pie chart is circular, it does not have x and y-axis. Therefore, in the data set of injuries, each slice of the pie chart would be used to represent a specific injury. For instance, consider the following types of injuries and their frequency in the hospital, a pie chart can be generated;….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5