(Solution) Math 225N Week 3: The Normal Distribution

Many variables in medicine follow a normal distribution where there are approximately an equal number of values below the mean as above the mean. Describe two variables that would probably follow a normal distribution. Also note which of the two variables would be likely to have a larger standard deviation and why.

As an alternative question, what are some other potential probability distributions in the health care field such as bimodal, skewed, or exponential and give variables that would probably follow that distribution.


Bennett, Briggs, and Triola (2018) have described normal distribution as a bell-shaped frequency distribution curve. Taking this into consideration, most of the data values in a normal distribution tend to cluster around the mean. Normal distribution is symmetric with a single peak, where the peak represents the mean, the median, as well as the mode. Two variables that have a normal distribution within the clinical setting are the patient’s height and body temperature. In relation to the patient’s height, it is a fact that given the average height of all patients, there are some patients who are above the average while others are below. Still, there are some patients that may have the average height. In this consideration, this type of distribution forms a bell-shaped curve, making it a normal distribution.  When it comes to……Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5