(Solution) Math 399N Week 2: Regression

Suppose you are given data from a survey showing the IQ of each person interviewed and the IQ of his or her mother. That is all the information that you have. Your boss has asked you to put together a report showing the relationship between these two variables. What could you present and why?


Correlation is used to determine whether or not a relationship exists whiles Regression is determining the equation that relates one variable to another. In line with the given information on IQ for the child and that of their mothers, I would at first develop two variables from the data given. The categories of data would then be defined as dependent and independent variables. In the case of the children IQ, I would set it for a dependent variable as the IQ for the mothers would be independent. In that case, my report would be clear about which IQ relies on the other. After the definition of the variables, the report would take another direction on how to develop the relationship between the dependent and independent variables (Chambers, 2017). In that effect, the dependent and independent variables would be….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5