(Solution) MATH 399N Week 6 Discussion: Confidence Interval Concepts

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 8 (All Sections)
  • Lesson
  • Minimum of 1 scholarly source

Initial Post Instructions

Find an example of a confidence interval in the news, scholarly source or medical journal. Summarize the article/study. Does the article/study include the sample size and the level of confidence used to create the confidence interval? Explain what the confidence interval means in context of the news article or scholarly source.

Follow-Up Post Instructions

Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.

Here are some suggested responses–

  1. How do you think the confidence interval that was presented in the study was calculated?
  2. Explain the mathematical concepts could you extract from this article/study.


This week we were asked to find an article with the level of confidence used to create the confidence interval. In the medical field, there is a great weight on trials and outcomes of trials to set precedence on the use of medications, procedure outcomes, how to determine the proper way to diagnosis and treatment options which has proven the best outcomes for patients and populations.

If one is shown studies that have a level of confidence of 90% to 95% that low salt diets have decreased hypertension and or strokes, then the medical community would opt to prescribe a low salt diet for patients with a familial history of hypertension as well as patients with signs of hypertension.

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