(Solution) Math 399N Week 8: Math in the Real World

We rely heavily on statistics and statistical research in the health and helping professions. The outcomes from this work help us identify the best methods for helping and caring for clients and patients. Discuss at least two concepts from the course that you can use in your future career. Be sure to state the concept, how you would use it, and why that approach would be the best approach for the situation.


Statistics is vital to nursing.  We learned in week 1 the definition of statistics is a numerical description of a sample characteristics. (Farber).  Statistics are all around us in nursing, from policy making and procedure protocols to how we prioritize our care for patients.  One concept that we learned about that could be used in the future is data classification.  By classifying data it helps you understand what kind of data you are working with and the nature of the data will help you determine which procedure can be used.  Two types of data is used in statistics: Qualitative and Quantitative.  Qualitative data represents attributes, labels, or non-numerical data. Quantitative data represents numerical measurements or counts.  Quantitative data I believe would be more appropriate for where I work.  By collecting…….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5