(Solution) Math114N Week 2 Discussion: Exploring factors and Factoring


Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • OpenStax Textbook Readings
  • Lesson in Canvas
  • Assignments in Knewton
    • Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
    • Product Properties of Exponents
    • Multiplying Polynomials
    • Special Products of Binomials
    • Quotient Properties of Exponents and Dividing Monomials
    • Dividing Polynomials
    • The Greatest Common Factor and Factoring by Grouping

Initial Post Instructions

We start the week by introducing polynomials. We will learn how to identify and simplify polynomials. We will also learn how to find the greatest common factor (GCF) among them. As our knowledge of polynomials grows, we will then move on to factoring trinomials. For your first post, search online for an article or video that describes how polynomials can be used in the real world. Provide a one paragraph summary of the article or video in your own words.


Math is the foundation of life itself. It’s everywhere we look,  the blueprints of the building you’re sitting in right now down to the DNA in our bodies. Polynomials are used in engineering all across the board. The article I found shows how the use of polynomials is extremely important in owning any kind of business. The author of this article walks us through the process of using algebra to model growth rate and revenue for a business. This kind………Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5