(Solution) Math114N Week 4 Presentation: Graphic Equations

Required Resources

  • Read/review the following resources for this activity:
  • Knewton text (integrated in Knewton Assignments)
  • Lesson in Canvas


Create a presentation explaining your step-by-step approach to solving the problem below. Your presentation should be done in PowerPoint with Voice Over and should be 1 – 2 minutes in length.

You are moving and need a rental truck. The rental company you have chosen charges a $70/day fee plus $0.20 for every mile you travel. Write a linear equation that expresses the total cost y, where x represents the number of miles you travel. Graph this equation. Then choose a number of miles, x, you travel that day and find the total cost of renting the truck.


This activity will be graded using the Presentation Rubric.


  • The rental company chosen charges a $70 fee plus additional $0.20 for every mile traveled
  • We let x to represent the number of miles travel and Y to represent the total cost
  • Therefore, the equation for this case is;
  • y=0.20x+70
  • From this point, we can find two points in order to draw a graph
  • The easiest points to draw when x=0, and when x=1
  • In this case, when x=0, y=70
  • When x=1, y=70.2

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