(Solution) NR 351 Week 3 Discussion: Collaborative Strategies With Other Professions


This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcomes (COs).

  • CO2: Demonstrate leadership strategies that promote safety and improve quality in nursing practice and increase collaboration with other disciplines when planning patient-centered care within systems-based practice. (PO2)
  • CO4: Integrate critical thinking and judgment in professional decision-making in collaboration with faculty and peers. (PO4)


It is essential for professional nurses to be skilled in collaborating with professionals from other healthcare disciplines to plan the best patient care. What collaboration strategies can professional nurses use to specifically promote collaboration with other healthcare disciplines and professionals?



Multidisciplinary teams have become a common practice in modern nursing. These are basically teams made up of different professionals and individuals from varying healthcare disciplines. The effectiveness of such teams is dependent on effective communication. This aspect promotes patient’s safety and quality of care, which are the objectives of each multidisciplinary team. Hood (2018) recognizes this and recommends a program viewed as a standardized approach in promoting collaborating in such teams. This program has become one of the most accepted approach and also most researched program in facilitating collaboration in multidisciplinary teams.

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