(Solution) Nr 531 Week 1: Servant Leadership

An important part of servant leadership is the servant leader’s ability to create a service desire in others. After reviewing the Case Study Background Information and the Mission and Vision for Saint Louis Medical Center (SLMC) in the Modules (→ Introduction and Resources → Course Resources section for SLMC), discuss how you, as the nurse administrator, would motivate others to be service oriented. As the nurse leader for SLMC, please share some specific strategies and a specific example


Staff motivation is a crucial part in nurse administration following the high degrees stress and the complex nature of nursing. High motivation, proactive work and support are essential elements for the improvement of the quality of nursing service provision and retention of skilled nurses. As a nursing administrator, there are numerous approaches to staff motivation such as frequent requisition for feedbacks, nurse engagement in leadership, mutual understanding, and commitment to positive communication (Malik, Dhar & Handa, 2016). Frequent feedbacks encourage the nurses to have open discussions regarding day to day challenges they encounter with patient care delivery, healthcare environment and work routines. Through this open discussions, the nursing team gains the propensity to identify frequent challenges and develop optimal resolutions. Nurse engagement in leadership provides the nurses with a chance for….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5