(Solution) Nr 531 Week 2: Care Delivery Models and Effective Nurse Administrators

You are the nurse administrator at SLMC. Your Human Resources Director informed you that SLMC is having difficulty recruiting registered nurses for your facility. It was decided by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to hire more nursing assistants to assist during this shortage. Discuss the impact this new strategy/model may have on the organization and how an effective leader can assist with implementing this change.


In SLCM, having assistant nurses to curb the shortage of Registered nurses might be a practical solution as it will increase the number of care providers and the frequency of patient check up routines. However, there is concern rising that the assistant nurses do not have the adequate expertise, knowledge, training, experience and support to undertake the tasks of RNs (Tuckett, Winters‐Chang, Bogossian & Wood, 2015). The negative impacts that replacing RNs with assistants may have to SLMC include poor patient outcomes, risk of complications and patient death as the hours of care delivered by RNs reduces. These poor health outcomes are observed in the cases where patients are exposed to hospital-acquired cardiac arrests, pneumonia, and deaths following surgical complications as a consequent of insufficient monitoring. Replacing….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5