(Solution) Nr 531 Week 2: Mission and Vision Statements

Compare the mission and vision statements of SLMC and your current or former place of employment. Discuss the differences and similarities. Which mission and vision statement would you support as the nurse leader? Share your rationale?


A plethora of healthcare mission and vision statements in United States prioritize on achieving the position of the best healthcare systems, being the global leader in service provision and shaping the future of healthcare service consumer. As stated by Wang, Kung and Byrd (2018), a vision statement ought to be progressive in order to outline the long-term organizational goals whilst mission statement outlines the current organizations’ undertakings. The mission of SLMC is dedicated to provide access to quality healthcare in a supportive and caring environment with an unyielding devotion to excellence, safety, and an unequaled passion and commitment to ensure outstanding healthcare that optimizes the quality of life for those they serve. The vision of SLMC is focused on being a national leader for excellence and innovation in the development and delivery of the highest quality of the next generation…….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5