(Solution) Nr534 Week 1: Organizational Culture and Climate

Evidence supports that an organization’s culture and climate can positively influence employee motivation, leading employees to seek professional development that, in turn, helps achievement of organizational goals. Discuss how leaders in your organization support or do not support the mission, vision, and values by their actions. Why are culture and climate important? How would you evaluate the culture and climate of an organization where you will apply for a new job?


In an organizational setup, one of the primary functions of management is planning. Planning begins with clarity of purpose as well as goals formalized in an organization’s mission, vision, and value statements. According to Deazeley (2009), organizational statements constitute the basis for all corporate activities, while influencing the behaviors of an organization’s employees. Meanwhile, organizational leaders’ actions greatly reflect their support towards organizational mission, vision, and value, and the general organizational climate and culture. Organizational culture and climate are important in enhancing organizational operations, which makes it important for a job seeker to first analyze an organization’s culture and climate before applying for a job in a new organization.
In my organization, the leaders enthusiastically support the institution’s mission, vision, and values through their actions. For instance, the leaders display the capability of integrating diverse…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5