(Solution) NR 660 PowerPoint Presentation


The purpose of this assignment is to

  • Provide learners with the opportunity to disseminate evidence-based practice to colleagues in the healthcare environment.
  • Provide learners with the opportunity to communicate a scholarly project in a professional manner

Due Date

Submit to two places by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week 7

  • Week 7 Assignment Submission
  • Week 8 Threaded Discussion; as designated

Total Points Possible: 200


After completion of the Capstone Project, determine what comprises the most relevant data and evidence that support your resolution of the concern.  What do your peers need to know to understand and appreciate your project?   Develop a concise outline, presenting the topic, existing literature, and resolution of the problem/concern. There is also a PPT Template that may be found in Course Resources that will assist with the development of the presentation.

Preparing the Paper

The following should be incorporated into the presentation:

  1. Identification, definition, and description of the issue or problem.
  2. Summary of relevant literature/evidence related to the issue.
  3. Project details – describe context, target recipients, how project implemented or plans for implementation
  4. Summary of project: proposed resolution of the chosen issue, next steps, expected result, and evaluation if project was presented or implemented.
  5. List of references of materials/documents used in project.
  6. Appropriate APA format 6th edition
  7. Produce an interesting and audience-friendly set of slides.
  8. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Appropriate communication is highly essential in healthcare practice particularly during patient handoffs to ensure delivery of safe and quality care through reduction or elimination of medication errors, failure to rescue, and other adverse events caused by poor communication (Birmingham, Buffum, Blegen, & Lyndon, 2015). I work as in Kaiser Permanente (a stand-alone clinic) as a charge nurse in the urgent care unit. The healthcare providers experience communication challenges especially when a patient is transferred to another clinic for advanced care. Some of the challenges include failure or inability to report to the receiving care provider, reporting to the outside nurses and physicians following lack of information regarding our patient’s status and whether the patient is receiving safe and quality care. This poor communication in many time results to delays in delivering quality and safe care and consequently poor health outcomes.

An integrative literature review by Wang, Wan, Lin, Zhou, and Shang (2017) established the SBAR tool is an effective intervention for improving physicians-nurses communications in the ICU. A prospective intervention study by Randmaa, Swenne, Mårtensson, Högberg, and Engström (2016) established that SBAR enhances communication and safe atmosphere whilst reducing incident reports following communication failures in an anesthetic clinic. A systematic review by Müller et al. (2018) established that SBAR communication tool improves patient hand-off and patient safety. A study by Panesar, Albert, Messina, and Parker (2016) established that using an electronic SBAR communication tool  improves documentation of acute events that take place within the pediatric ICU. A study by Birmingham, Buffum, Blegen, and Lyndon (2015) established a relationship between handoffs and patient safety……..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10