(Solution) NR 660 Week 2: Contributions to the Nursing Profession

Discuss how your Capstone Project contributes to the nursing profession as well as to your specialty focus


Professional capstone projects have become the standard approach in preparing senior nursing students to enter the nursing professions and have had a wide range of contributions to nursing profession ranging from theoretical to practical approaches (Hickman et al., 2018). It is through the completion of a capstone project that nursing students develop the propensity to create an evidence-based analysis for critical healthcare environment concerns. According to Hickman et al. (2018), introducing nursing students to content through capstone project highly benefits not only the students but also the faculty, institution, discipline and the nursing profession at large. My project is on implementing the SBAR communication tool to improve nurse-physician communications during patient hand-offs. I anticipate successfully completing this project and having it published in order to have a competitive advantage in demonstrating my specialty…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5