(Solution) NR 660 Week 5: Barriers Encountered

Identify what barriers you have encountered while developing the Capstone Project. What have you done to resolve these issues?


As Stewart (2016) posit, SBAR communication is a fundamental tool for reducing medical errors, improving patient satisfaction, enhancing care delivery, and an overall improvement in health outcomes. To institute change in a healthcare setup is not an easy process since it involves the cooperation of several players to ensure comprehensive compliance with the proposed care structure. While developing the Capstone Project on SBAR communication, I have encountered several barriers, which have significantly influenced the activity. However, although several barriers were evident, there were resolutions to resolve these hindrances.

SBAR communication presents a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare operations. As Kostoff, Burkhardt, Winter, and Shrader (2016) maintain, SBAR offers a powerful tool that is applied to enhance communication between nurses, physicians, and patients in the bid to send a comprehensive message regarding a patient. During the Capstone Project, I realized several barriers including the distinction between urgent and non-urgent communications, outpatient and inpatient communication framework, and specific approaches to consider when considering a….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5