(Solution) NR 660 Week 6: Ethics in Practice

Discuss ethical dilemmas you may have encountered in developing your project; additionally, describe how your project may impact upon ethics within your place of work, community, or nursing.


According to Farmer and Lundy (2017), ethical principles in healthcare offer a platform that balances interests, values, and health-based principles in the delivery and allocation of care services. However, in most cases, these factors tend to conflict with one another; a situation that can affect the manner in which a healthcare staff decides to proceed on care delivery. Ethical dilemmas in the SBAR communication model have greatly influenced the development of my project particularly through ethical principles and concepts that are dominant in the delivery of healthcare services. In the SBAR communication framework, various critical steps govern the healthcare team in navigating the ethical decision-making process during care provision.

During the development of the SBAR communication project, several ethical dilemmas were evident. The first dilemma was that of autonomy, which implies the patient’s right to freedom and self-determination. Even though patients are required to provide information on their own accord, on the contrary, a patient is expected to offer comprehensive information to enable the…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5