(Solution) Nr361 Week 7: Use of Personal Communication Devices in Patient Care Settings

This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO).

  • CO6 Discuss the principles of data integrity, professional ethics, and legal requirements related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and client’s right to privacy. (PO 6)

This week, we will discuss personal communication devices and their use in healthcare. As we focus on this topic, please address the questions below in the discussion.

  • How can the use of the nurse’s personal communication device(s) impact patient care positively and/or negatively?
  • What are the ethical and legal implications?
  • What does the professional literature say about how communication devices can support safe nursing practice?


With the rapid technological advancement over the last couple of years, personal communication devices have become common among most of the registered nurses working in hospitals. Such devices include smartphones and tablet computers. ¬†According to Koivunen, Niemi, and Hupli (2015), the use of personal communication devices has both positive and negative impacts on patient care. In regards to positive impacts, the use of personal communication devices in the place of work has been found to enable better patient care coordination among healthcare practitioners. This is due to the fact that they are able to communicate effectively with each other (Hebda & Czar, 2013). It also reduces stress among nurses, which ultimately enhances their productivity.¬† However,….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5