(Solution) NR395 Week 6 Assignment: Hot Topic

**Please Note: This Hot Topic Assignment is linked to your Hot Topic Discussion


This assignment prompts you to identify and discuss current trends in professional nursing. You must search the Internet for one “hot topic” that relates to ethics or professional issues in nursing, and describe this according to the rubric below.

Course Outcomes

  • CO 1: Consider the role of the professional nurse in relation to the concepts of integrity and ethical accountability within nursing practice. (PO 4, 6)
  • CO 2: Explore the impact of contemporary health care issues on the role of the professional nurse. (PO 7)

Due Date

Hot Topic is due Sunday end of Week 6 by 11:59 p.m. MT.


The Hot Topic assignment is worth 100 points.


  1. Review the types of topics that are covered in this course (i.e., professional, ethical, and legal issues).
  2. Make sure you review the grading criteria in the rubric.
  3. Selection of a Hot Topic:
    • Search the Internet for a current story related to one of the course topics. Topics may be ethical, legal, political, or professional in nature. The story must be no older than 1 year. Do not use wikis, Wikipedia, Facebook, or other social media. Instead, look for stories that may be found in, but not limited to, online news sites, professional organizations’ issues pages, or journal editorials.
    • Explain in excellent detail how the topic is related to the course. State the date when the story appeared (no more than 1 year old).
  4. Provide the location of the story on the internet:
    • Identify the name of the site you selected
    • Provide a working URL/web address
  5. Summarize the story in detail:
    • Write two to three well-developed paragraphs that summarize the main points of the story.
    • Determine what nursing issue is reflected in the story and key people involved
    • Share your viewpoint about the story as it relates to nurses and the nursing profession.
  6. Mechanics and organization of good scholarly writing: See rubric for detail.


Week 6 Assignment: Hot Topic

The selected article reports of nursing shortage in the state of Washington. The article reports on the findings of a survey by the Washington State Hospital Association, in which 80 hospitals accounting for 85% of the state’s hospital bed capacity participated (Arden, 2021). Herein, the survey showed that the hospitals in the state have over 6,000 vacant positions for registered nurses (Arden, 2021). Currently, most of the hospitals have opted to supplement their nursing staff by hiring travel nurses. There are approximately 3,000 travel nurses in hospitals across the state (Arden, 2021). However, hospitals report that travel nurses are significantly more expensive to hire than permanent staff. Therefore, they only offer a temporary solution to a long overdue problem.

Most hospitals are now evaluating how they can increase their revenues or cut expenses to be able to retain their travel nurses. According to Arden (2021), the facilities can attempt to increase their revenues by negotiating with insurance companies on compensation rates. Regardless, the most viable solution is to increase permanent nurse recruitment and retention….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10