(Solution) nr500 week 2: The caring concepts of nursing

This week’s topic is centered on the concept of caring in contemporary nursing practice. In your initial response, provide a definition of caring that aligns with your perspective on the concept of caring. Identify your selected program of study specialty track (Executive, Education, FNP, Healthcare Policy, or Nursing Informatics). Describe how you will apply the principles of caring and holistic nursing in your future professional practice. Use at least one outside scholarly article to support your position. Provide an example to illustrate an application to professional practice.


With the dynamic changes in today’s health care system, the need for nurses to be more patient oriented rather disease oriented has been on the rise.  It has become a nurse’s responsibility to deliver quality patient care. In regards to this, as defined by Masters (2015), patient caring in modern nursing practice is the provision of special attention to patients, families and the community at large to help them build quality of life and optimal health. Nursing is a nurturing practice and thus ought to incorporate care as its key strength in achieving its goals. The nurses’ knowledge and skills influence their caring capabilities.  Considering this, as a student in family nursing practitioner track, it is of high necessity to comprehend caring principals as well as holistic nursing to enhance my quality care delivery. I will treat all patients with intensive care, compassion and sensitivity while carefully ensuring to practice dignity and humanity. Further….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5