(Solution) NR500 Week 3: Collaboration Cafe

Our social and professional networks often overlap, which is why we don’t always say what we really think. In fact, the anticipation of the upset is far greater than the reality. However, the core values that are expected and appreciated in nurses are responsibility, honesty, integrity, belief in human dignity, patient equality, and the desire to prevent and alleviate suffering. A nurse’s professionalism is judged based on personal behaviors, appearance, presentation, and so on. Nurses are responsible for their own practice and the care that their patients receive. The nurse is responsible for following standards of care in all practice. As the roles of nursing change, nurses are faced with more complex decisions regarding delegation and management of care. The nurse must exercise judgment in accepting responsibilities, and seeking the counsel of others in the course of their duties.

  • Think about a time in your nursing practice where you encountered a challenging situation either with a patient or a co—worker that caused you to reflect on your core-values.
  • Provide a concise description of this challenging experience.
  • What core values were challenged in this experience?
  • What lessons were learned from this experience?
  • How did the experience inform future professional behaviors, decisions, and actions?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your instructor will be monitoring the Collaboration Café but not participating as this is your opportunity to give and receive feedback from your peers. The Collaboration Café is graded this week (50 points). There are no scholarly references required in this discussion format. Please see the guidelines and grading rubric below.


One challenging situation I encountered was with an 8-year-old girl who had been brought to the hospital by her parents following consider complaints of persistent headaches. The parents were my childhood friends who we had grown up together as friends. The child underwent all physical examination concerning her headaches and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The news was very devastating and considering that the girl’s parents were my friends, I requested the doctor to allow me to deliver the news. The doctor allowed me to but asked not to take much time as the patient’s parents needed to know about it and make decisions regarding the care plan. I went to the girl’s room and found the parents’ waiting to get the results of her testing. I became very emotional and I could not get myself to tell them. I decided to take a break, relax, and come back….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5