(Solution) nr500 Week 4: Leadership: Establishing Relationships And Influencing Change

This week’s focus is on developing foundational interpersonal skills that will prepare you for professional practice as a leader and change agent. As a leader, how will you influence change in your professional specialty area? Identify two strengths you have that will promote strong leadership. Identify two areas of improvement to your skill in leading and influencing change. What are two priority strategies you will implement to improve and/or enhance your leadership skills?


Leadership is a very essential aspect in nursing practice as it is pivotal in providing directions. It helps in implementing plans as well as empowering others with the aim of attaining the set goals. With my specialty being Family Nursing Practitioner, to exemplary influence others, I ought to have substantial leadership skills, well-defined knowledge of the set objectives and the ability to solve issues concerning patients, family and community health. My two main strengths include self-confidence and social relationships. Excellent social relationships will facilitate me in encouraging a social atmosphere characterized by openness and discussion as well as building a friendly team. In addition to this, it will aid in building strong social relationships which encourage positive thinking and staffs’ engagement. In regards to self confidence, this promotes my leadership as it enables me to face and overcome my fears. Fairman and Mackenzie (2015),….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5