(Solution) nr500 Week 5: Evidence-Based Practice

Discuss the EBP process and importance to nursing practice. Identify your selected specialty track. Provide a rationale on why you selected the specific professional track. Identify a concept or topic you have a passion about or an area of interest related to your future specialty advanced practice area. Provide an example, using the best evidence available, substantiating the significance of your selected area of interest as it relates to your specific specialty track.


One of the profound ways to bridge the gaps in delivering quality patient care and achieving a healthy population is evidence-based practice (EBP). The approach considers the values of the patient to foster better experiences. To nursing practice, as suggested by Gillam and Siriwardena (2014), EBP presents a unique opportunity to nurses to improve their roles and responsibilities while enhancing patient care. The EBP process is centered on gathering, examining, and implementing evidence to enhance patient outcome and care. Healthcare providers depend on expertise and experiences to examine study findings that can be used to benefit the patient. As opined by Reid, Briggs, Carliste, Scott, and Lewis (2017), EBP acknowledges the uniqueness of a patient’s situation, values, and preferences. In the current healthcare realm…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5