(Solution) nr500 Week 7 assignment: Cultivating Healthful Environments

This assignment is worth 20% of your overall grade. See the details for this assignment below and in the Course Resources page in the Introduction & Resources Module.


Master’s-prepared advanced practice nurses participate in and demonstrate fair and unbiased interactions within all workplace settings. As a member of the nursing profession, and a leader, you are encouraged to implement strategies that promote and cultivate cultures of civility, regardless of practice setting. The purpose of this assessment is to analyze the issue of incivility and apply best practices to cultivate healthful environments.

Course Outcomes

CO 1: Examine roles and competencies of master’s-prepared nurses essential to performing as leaders and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care. (PO 1-5)

CO 2: Apply concepts of person-centered care to nursing practice situations. (PO 1, 2, 5)

CO 3: Analyze essential skills needed to lead within the context of complex systems (PO 3, 4)

Total Points Possible

This assessment is worth 200 points.

Due Date

Submit your file(s) by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 7.


Criteria for Content

Reflect on the issue of incivility. Think of an experience in which you were directly involved or witnessed incivility in the workplace. Analyze scholarly literature related to the issue of incivility and strategies for cultivating healthful environments.

  1. In a four- to six-page written paper, address the following.
  2. Define and explain the issue of incivility. Use scholarly nursing literature.
  3. Discuss the importance of this issue to nursing. Address the impact of incivility on individuals, microsystem work environments, and the profession of nursing. In this section, use at least three (3) different scholarly nursing literature in-text citations with matching references.
  4. Provide a scenario (real or fictitious) of incivility in a practice setting. What was the impact on the individuals involved? How was the work environment affected?
  5. Describe three strategies for creating a healthful environment. Use scholarly nursing literature to support each strategy.
  6. Identify your selected specialty track (education, executive, family nurse practitioner, healthcare policy, or nursing informatics). Provide two examples of strategies you will implement in your master’s-prepared advanced practice role to cultivate a healthful work environment.
  7. Provide a conclusion. Include a summary on the issue of incivility, strategies to create healthful environments, specialty track, and how you will contribute to cultivating healthful environments in your future professional practice. Include a self-reflection.


Over the past few years, there has been rising rates of incivility within healthcare facilities. The impacts of incivility adversely affect the operations of the healthcare. Laschinger, Wong, Cummings and Grau (2014) mention that in every healthcare facility, the quality of care delivery to patients and health care providers’ performance is highly dependent on various factors such as incivility. Therefore, there is dire need for medical providers to learn to discern incivility within their practice in order to effectively deal with bullying, violence as well as conflicts that emanate as a consequent of incivility. Taking this into consideration, this paper deliberates about the issue of incivility, the significance of incivility within nursing practice as well as the key strategies for cultivation of healthful and productive healthcare environment.

Issue of Incivility

Gill (2016) defines incivility within work place as low-intensity, non-courteous and perverse approach displayed by any staff with vague intent to cause harm to the targeted staff. This behavior is attributed to rudeness and disregard to others. Further, the escalating number of nurses has rendered it challenging to effortlessly identify incivility behaviors. In addition, the complexity nature of nursing which requires nurses to make tough and critical decisions regarding patients may prompt nurses to display incivility to others particularly in circumstance where consensus is not reached (Lachman, 2015). The increasing demand for nurses leads to…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10