(Solution) nr500 Week 8: What Did You Learn

Reflecting on this course, consider and answer the following questions: How do you envision using the AACN essentials and information learned in this course to identify, guide, and evaluate your MSN project? How do you envision using the concepts learned in this course in your future nursing practice?


According to Lusardi (2014), AACN essentials are the main forces propelling excellence and innovation in nursing and especially the academic context. From Baccalaureate and Masters to DNP essentials, nursing students across all levels of education are equipped with diversified competencies and knowledge which they can apply in their profession. Through concepts learned from this course and relating to the AACN essentials, I will apply this knowledge in promoting patient care and outcomes. Considering the application of information technology in healthcare practice, I have learned that innovation is central to ensuring effective services in this sector (Ciani et al., 2016). As a future leader and aspiring employee as a family nursing practitioner, I aim at understanding how information technology can be used in the diagnosis and management of a patient’s condition and especially in the chronic illnesses. In addition, AACN essential have equipped me with effective leadership skills which will be critical in my future work and role in the healthcare management. Leadership competencies will also be essential in ensuring that all the health care objectives are promoted across the micro, meso, and macro levels. It is my role as a future leader to foster the development of effective policies and regulations which can be implemented to enhance the welfare of the global population. Further, it is through the application of the AACN essentials that I can contribute effectively to the achievement of ‘Healthy People 2020.’ Other skills that I have acquired through this course and AACN essentials are on teamwork, interpersonal, critical thinking…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5