(Solution) NR501 Week 2: Collaboration

Week 2: Collaboration Cafe (graded)

This week I would like for you to share an experience or situation in which you felt underprepared or challenged. The situation could be your first full code on a patient or visitor, a precipitous delivery, a patient dying, or many other situations in which you just did not feel like you had enough information or knowledge related to handling the situation. Afterward, you probably went over the scenario with others or in your mind with thoughts of what should I have done differently, what nuggets of wisdom can I add to my ever-growing knowledge and wisdom, etc. Please share one of these experiences with us and tell us what you learned from the situation as you self-reflect. How did this experience help you with other situations in your nursing career?


While working as a night shift nurse in the emergency unit, a patient who had been involved in a road accident was brought in. The patient was bleeding profusely and was barely bleeding. It was my first time to encounter a patient soaked in blood. I was used to receiving emergencies on respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, but I had never experienced such. At first, I felt uncomfortable but knowing it is my responsibility to care for the patient, I initiated the vehicle accident response procedure. I started the cardiopulmonary resuscation procedure while my night nurse colleague collected essential data on the patient. Unfortunately, the resuscitation efforts were futile and the patient succumbed to the injuries. I felt helpless and guilt for failing to help the patient. We cleaned the room and called his family. It was difficult to deliver such news to….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5