(Solution) nr501 Week 2: Development of Nursing Knowledge

Debate with classmates on the dominant philosophical schools of thought in nursing (received view and perceived view). Which worldview best encompasses the profession of nursing? Why? Provide an example.


There are numerous schools of thought about philosophy in nursing. As such, philosophy takes into consideration the application of beliefs to a different situation that may come up, both known and unknown.  Given that nurses are faced with both predictable and unpredictable situations daily, it is their experiences and philosophy that help them in making the right decision. Received view and perceived view has been found to the main philosophical schools of thoughts in nursing. In regard to the received view, theories are considered to be either right or wrong.  This means that scientific methods as well as experimentation are used to obtain the truth or the answer (Meleis, 2011).  The main focus is objectivity and knowledge is verified and described through experimentation of scientific methods.  Put simply, the received view is in support of physical sciences meaning that only a single truth is desired through scientific methods.  Besides, this view represents a list of ideas that are not challenged, which means that these ideas had already been reified, which influence how nursing practice and care is theorized.  On the other hand…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5