(Solution) nr501 Week 3: Steps of Concept Analysis

At the end of Week 3 your concept analysis is due. This discussion provides an opportunity to start this assignment. Select a nursing concept, supported by a nursing theory, and address the following components included in a concept analysis:

  • Definition of concept
  • Identification of three attributes of the concept
  • Description of one antecedent and one consequence of the concept
  • Identification of two empirical referents
  • Brief explanation of theoretical applications of the concept (How is the concept relevant to a nursing theory?)

This information does not have to be comprehensive but provides a foundation to the upcoming assignment. Be sure to include scholarly references.


The caring concept is a combination of various aspects to address the patient needs. It is a core concept in nursing which combines a number of elements including conscience, competence, commitment, confidence, and compassion. According to Edvardsson, Watt, and Pearce (2017), caring is more than delivering the cure to the patient. In this concept, it is centered on recognizing that an individual’s experiences affect their health and welfare directly and indirectly.

Three attributes of caring include competence, compassion, and confidence. The compassion aspect involves the nurses emphasizing with their patients and providing treatment that is considerable and kind. In return, the nurses receive a human connection that is inspirational and confirm the meaning of their roles and responsibilities (Hoeve, Jansen & Roodbol, 2014). The competence attribute reflects on the skills and abilities of the nurse such as timely arrival at work, professional presentation, consistent competence enhancement, and having a high….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5