(Solution) NR501 Week 5: Analysis and Application of a Nursing Theory

Using the nursing theory you selected in the Week 4 Collaboration Cafe, consider how the following components would be included in an analysis of that theory:

  • Origin of the theory
  • Meaning of the theory
  • Logical adequacy of the theory
  • Usefulness of the theory
  • Generalizability of the theory
  • Degree of parsimony within the theory
  • Testability of the theory

What rationale can you provide which validates the selected theory as a framework for nursing practice? Be sure to include scholarly references to support your discussion.


Nr 501 Week 5 Discussion

The theory discussed in week 4 is the need theory.

Origin: The need theory was developed by Virginia Henderson (1897-1996), derived from her education and practice.

Meaning of the theory:

The need theory was developed to define the exception focus of nursing practice. It emphasizes the importance of enhancing the independence of patients by assisting them to meet their basic needs to enhance their recovery in the hospital (Nursing Theory, n.d).

Logical adequacy: The Henderson’s need theory used deductive logical reasoning to develop a definition of nursing and the 14 needs from psychological and physiological principles. A significant proportion of the assumptions are valid as they significantly conform to various conclusions from literature and research by scientists from other fields. For instance, the 14 basic…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5