(Solution) nr501 Week 6: Borrowed (non-nursing) Theories Applied to the Nursing Profession

While the focus of this course is nursing theory, frequently the use of non-nursing or borrowed theories occurs. Identify your future nursing practice area. Discuss how a specific non-nursing (borrowed) theory has been or could be applied by nurses (specific to practice focus) to effectively deal with an issue. Be sure to provide an example of how the non-nursing theory can be used to enhance the selected practice area. Remember to include scholarly reference(s) to support your information.

Potential discussion topic focus areas:

Nurse educator practice issues: student retention, faculty preparation, critical thinking skills.

Nurse leaders or nurse managers – administrative issues: staffing, use of supplies, staff performance.

Family nurse practitioner – clinical practice issues: chronic illness, aging population, social determinants of health.

Healthcare policy practice issues – environmental health, healthy nurse initiative, childhood obesity.

Nursing informatics practice issues – ergonomics, project management, staff development


The concept of nursing theories has occasioned to a diversity of approaches drawn from other non-nursing theories or rather “borrowed theories” and their subsequent adoption and application to nursing practices. These borrowed theories stem up from other disciplines and are not globally adopted in the nursing practice. Examples of theories from other disciplines that considerably influence the practice of nursing include but not limited to sociologic sciences, behavioral sciences and biomedical sciences (Shih, Huang, Huang, & Tang, 2018). One non-nursing theory that has continued to be applied to the nursing practice is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which talks about human desires throughout their lifetime. This theory is presented in a form of pyramid where the most crucial human needs are at the pyramid’s base. The needs’ fulfillment progresses from the base all the way to the top. The importance of care in the nursing profession is pivotal for the human development, maintainace and survival worldwide (Shih et al., 2018).  This theory is….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5