(Solution) nr501 Week 8: Course Reflection and Future Application

Throughout the discussion occurring in this course, a common element has been application of theory. For this final discussion, identify your future professional practice role. Identify one emerging trend related to your future professional practice area. Discuss a current theory or envision a new theory that can be used to support evidence-based change related to the identified emerging change. Remember to use outside scholarly sources to support your initial response.


This course has equipped me with substantial knowledge in regards to the use of theories in nursing that I previously did not know about. My specialty track is the baby and mother care formally known as postpartum care. The current issue in light of mother and baby care is that, following delivery, the mothers are seen by the medical professions after six weeks. This is frustrating to the mothers as prior to delivery; they often have frequent check-ups on a basis of at least monthly or even weekly (Rossman, Greene, & Meier, 2015). After child birth, the mother faces various mental and physical health concerns which if not effectively and timely addressed, could result to adverse long term health problems. The failure of the healthcares to prioritize the healing of mothers after childbirth makes the mothers to turn to the pediatricians or specialists from other tracks for support and care.  The Mercer’s Maternal Role Attainment Theory is highly appropriate for addressing this issue as it was developed to provide….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5