(Solution) NR504 Week 1: Leadership Theory: Application to Advanced Nursing Practice

Consider the leadership theories and styles that have been addressed during Week 1, as well as their value to advanced nursing practice. Reflect upon your current leadership roles within the profession and respond to the following.

  • Select one leadership theory or style that aligns with your personal philosophy and leadership stance. Explain the selected theory or style, and discuss how it can be applied in your future MSN role.
  • Discuss your current leadership roles (formal and informal), and describe the formal and informal leadership roles that you will have in your area of advanced nursing practice.
  • In your future MSN role, what are the implications of your leadership for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities?

Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (outside of class resources) to validate your work.


The leadership theory that aligns with my personal philosophy and leadership stance is transformational leadership. This kind of leadership focuses on the followers’ and team members’ needs, fostering personal growth, motivation, and outcome achievement (Whitehead et al., 2017). As a transformational leader, I seek to find more innovative ways to improving patient care. Also, I am enthusiastic, charismatic, and visionary. When working with a team, I try my level best to remain innovative and responsive to individual team members’ and clients’ needs to empower them. I have also studied informatics and technology in nursing practice to improve my level of innovativeness to positively transform my team members and the organization at large. Transformational leadership is applied in many ways in nursing. In my future MSN role, this…..Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5