(Solution) NR504 Week 6: Collaboration Cafe

Describe a potential case scenario involving a  MSN-prepared nurse in your selected area of practice. Within the scenario, identify a specific problem which needs to be addressed. Examples might include a new curriculum, change in the EHR, decreasing patient satisfaction rates, safety risks, or another situation which impacts your future MSN role.

Discuss how Kotter’s Change Model would be applied in your recommended change initiative and its intended potential impact.

Identify one specific leadership strategy to facilitate change, and describe how it is congruent with Kotter’s Change Model and may affect your future role.


Case scenario: In the past 6 months, the rates of patient readmissions, particularly due to diabetes-related outcomes have been on the rise. They have increased patient readmission rates, length of stay (LOS), morbidity, and mortality. They have also increased the cost of care and reduced patient satisfaction rates. This concern impacts my future MSN practice as it affects nurse-sensitive patient care outcomes and quality of care. Nursing interventions can help reduce these complications and the associated readmission rates. One of these interventions is patient education at discharge to increase their self-care upon discharge.

According to Tang (2019), Kotter’s Change Model can be used to implement this intervention by following its steps as follows:

Creating a sense of urgency: Holding a meeting to reveal the rates of patient readmission rates in…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5