The focus for Week 2 is on questions: PICOT/PICo and practice questions.

  • Using the area of interest from Week 1, identify the following.
    • Will you be using a quantitative or qualitative approach for your EBP project proposal?
    • Explain why this approach is the best one to provide information for your area of interest.
    • Create a PICOT/PICo question using the PICOT/PICo format for quantitative and PICo for qualitative approaches.
    • Identify your practice question, being sure to include the following.
      • For a quantitative approach
        • A questioning part such as “what is,” “what are,” “is there,” or “are there”
        • Population being studied
        • Variables being studied
        • Suggestion of the relationship between variables
      • For a qualitative approach
        • Phenomenon or concept of interest
        • Group or population of interest
        • Suggestion of which qualitative research design is being used

Choose either quantitative or qualitative- only the proposed approach needs to be addressed.


Women particularly those within the reproductive age are typically at risk of developing cervical cancer. With cases of cancer witnessing an upward trend in the recent past, screening is of paramount significance. This is attributed to the fact that cervical cancer screening makes it possible for medical practitioners to identify cancer at an early age. Early identification of cancer helps in treating it before it progresses to detrimental stages (Guido,  2018).  It also helps in putting various strategies in place for the purpose of managing the condition effectively. Taking this into account, this project is devoted to exploring whether cervical cancer screening in women between the age of 21 and 65 helps in reducing the incidences of cervical cancer.  The picot question developed for this study is; In women…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5