(Solution) NR505 Week 5 Discussion

Data collection in research is similar to collecting data during physical and history assessments. Share a time that you collected data on your patient and analyzed the results to develop a plan of care. How will this be similar to the data collection for your evidence-based practice project?


Assessment is the initial step in the nursing process and it encompasses systematic data collection, verification, organization, interpretation, and documentation by health care professionals. I have performed patient assessments for a number of patients (Considine & Currey, 2015). Recently, I collected data on a patient who presented with complaints of vaginal itchiness, irritation, and production of vaginal discharge with a foul smell. I collected both subjective and objective data in order to establish the differential diagnosis and order laboratory tests and develop a plan of care based on the collected data and diagnostic tests. This data includes subjective and objective data in which the subjective data is the information given by the patients from their point of view and it is collected through interviews. I must admit there are several similarities between subjective and objective data collection in patient assessment and in….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5