(Solution) NR505 Week 6: Collaboration Cafe

As you have learned this week in your lesson and reading, credibility of the results of your project are extremely important. In reviewing both statistical and clinical significance, which one of these do you feel is most important to your project and why?


Both statistical significance and clinical significance are highly important in nursing research, and to be specific, to my project. Their effectiveness is only felt when they produce a significant change in the patient population. Statistical significance is seen when the results of a study show that the observed effect of not probably as a result of chance, given the null hypothesis (Benjamin et al., 2018). It is through statistical significance that researchers are able to deduce conclusions about the patient population under study based on the data and findings (El-Masri, 2016). In most cases, P-values and confidence intervals (CI) are used to measure statistical significance. The p-values produces the probability that a particular outcome would have occurred by chance, assuming that the new and the control treatment are as effective as the null hypothesis (Benjamin et al., 2018) CI on other hand estimates the range in which the actual…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5