(Solution) NR505 Week 7: Collaboration Cafe

Think of a time in which you encountered a challenging change process (personal or professional) and answer the following questions/prompts:

  • Was the change planned or unplanned?
  • List the elements that made this change difficulty.
  • Who were the people involved, and what were their attitudes toward the change?
  • What were some lessons learned by you during the change process?


One challenging change process that I encountered was having to move from living with my parents to living alone after my college graduation in a nursing school. Even though the change was planned it was considerably hard for me and for my family to let each other go. I was both excited and scared about what I would meet in my new apartment. New things and new people. One element that made the change difficult is that being the last to move out, I was worried about my parents’ health and well-being. They were used to me being around and caring for them and helping with activities of daily living. Another element was the uncertainty of how I was going to live. I was used to living with my parents and the change produced major emotional, psychological, and physical strain on me. I would need to adjust to a new house, new friends, new job and generally new life….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5