(Solution) Nr507 Week 1: Open Forum Discussion

This is a required, but not graded open forum. Please feel free to post questions related to content or assignments.

Share with the class the name of your disease process assigned to you by your faculty this week. Tell us if this is a disease that you have encountered in caring for patients in your own nursing practice. Feel free to share a practice exemplar.  If this is a completely new disease that you will learn about, tell us if it relates to your nursing practice in terms of the populations for which you care.


My assigned disease is diabetes mellitus type 1 (DM1). DM1, previously referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes, is a chronic condition caused by the production of little or no insulin due to autoimmune destruction of the beta cells found in the pancreas (ADA, 2018). As defined by Katsarou et al. (2017), insulin is a hormone required to allow the entrance of sugar (glucose) into one cell for the production of energy. Different factors such as genetics and some viruses contribute to the development of DM1. Even though DM1 is more common among children and adolescents, it can also develop in adults. In spite of active research, no cure has been established for DM1 and as such, management and treatment is usually focused on managing the levels of blood sugar with insulin and diet and lifestyle modification for prevention of complications (Katsarou et al., 2017). In my clinical practice as a family nurse practitioner in the pediatric unit, I have encountered several cases of diabetes among my patients. Most patients present sudden onset of polyuria (excessive or an abnormal urine production and passage and…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5